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The Aurera Family Tree
The Aurera family are the royal family of Cesator, who rule peacefully over the whole of Lymnia. The family are all shifters, as it is forbidden for royalty to marry outside their species, a tradition that has been going for a long time.


The royal family has always lived in Cesator, in their substantial castle. The whole family usually lives there as there is plenty of room. It is unusual to find the family’s reign contested, as they are usually very fair and just. The current King, however, King Nicolo Aurera, once survived an assassination attempt by a man with a banana.

King Nicolo Aurera

The current King has ruled for four years since his father died. There have not been any wars under his rule, which lead some to believe that he is the saviour of the realm. The King has taken two wives, as detailed below.

The King rarely has to create laws, as many are already clearly respected and established. However, in his early reign, he legalised marriage between any two sentient humanoids who are considered citizens of the realm. This proposition has been warmly welcomed by the half-elf community, who had been fighting for their rights for many years. Some people were against the proposition, leading to the assassination attempt in the King’s youth, but since then most people have either got over it or been lynched by an angry half-elf.

The King’s Ladies

Nicolo has taken two wives, who both live and work together in the palace.

The King’s first wife was Lady Callista. Originally from Freycoast, she met Nicolo when he was on a fishing trip to the north. After moving back to Cesator with the King, then only a prince, she gave birth to two children, Nicolette and Alunn.

Lady Lydianna was much younger than Nicolo when she became his wife, then only just an adult. She has one daughter, Faelia.

It should be noted that the King’s ladies are both very happy with their family situation and all of the King’s children are treated equally. Although it is technically possible to marry more than one person in any country on Lymnia, as it is permitted under the law of Cesator, it is extremely rare outside of Cesator itself. Although not taboo, many view having more than one partner as slightly strange and tend to avoid it.

Princess Nicolette

Nicolette is the King’s eldest daughter. She is 29 and married to Lord Minus, a nobleman from Escion. It is rumoured that she is unable to produce children, though the family have not confirmed this.

Prince Alunn

26-year-old Alunn is widely regarded as the most dashing eligible bachelor in the country. Although heir to the throne, he rarely has to worry about plots against him and most of his time is spent trying to avoid his fanclub. This fanclub, based at the Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy, is a huge problem for Alunn as it has made it almost impossible to choose a suitable wife and often prevents him from getting to meetings.

Princess Faelia

At only 17, Faelia is the little rebel of the family. She currently attends the Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy and passes the days by trying to cause as much trouble as possible. She is determined to one day leave her royal duties and become an adventurer, as she sees little point in staying in the palace when her brother is king. The family have tried to keep Faelia’s antics as quiet as possible but Faelia simply treats this as a challenge. She is rumoured to be turning against her lawful good background and becoming neutral and to be dating outside of her species, both completely unheard of for a princess.

Aurera Family

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