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Fairwyn is the capital city of Cesator and is widely regarded as the capital of the whole continent. From Fairwyn live the monarchy and they exercise their powers to control the whole continent, whilst still allowing for some internal governmental structure.


All forms of trade can be found in Fairwyn. There are many shops who do a bustling trade and also many services can be found. At the last count, there were 173 taverns in the city, a number increasing every year due to the steady increase of travelers to the region.

Notable sights

Fairwyn boasts the biggest and the best school for combat in the country. Although it has been established for many years, the Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy (RFCA) has recently adopted a combat curriculum and views itself as modern and forward-thinking. The school draws many students and adventurers to the city.

The Lymnean Library is also found in Fairwyn, which endeavors to hold every copy of every manuscript on the continent. Teams of dedicated scribes are constantly sent to far-flung regions to collect more information from these places. It is very difficult to gain a pass into the library, however, and it is not made publicly available how access is gained.


Most of the countries of Lymnia are content to rule under the monarchy of Fairwyn, as they are given much freedom with their own system of government. However, Sibennia is discontent with Fairwyn’s rule so guards have been sent out to try and keep the peace. This has had very little effect and it is felt that Sibennia is an increasing threat to Fairwyn’s rule.


Over 1 million people live and work in Fairwyn, making it the largest city on the continent.


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