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Freycoast is a small but bustling market town with very few permanent shops. All the stores are stalls by the quayside rented daily by various traders that are passing through. This means there is a very limited availability of items but also provides a wide variety of things to buy.


Much to the annoyance of the visitors from warmer climates, Freycoast is almost always cold and in the winter there is a permanent frost upon the ground.


The residents make their way in the world by buying a variety of things cheaply off the traders that visit them and selling them on to other visitors. It is a system that works well for them, as the traders are often keen to discount their supplies to such regular customers.

Notable sights

With only one fixed shop, the marketplace is a must-see for any visitors to Freycoast. Bargains can be had if you are willing to haggle hard enough, a strong tradition in town. The locals say you can spot tourists from a mile away, by the air of confusion they exhume when confronted with the extortionately high prices of the market. Haggle. Do it.


There are around 5000 people living and working in Freycoast at any one time, though the number of people actually there is usually higher, due to the traders.


A tale is told that before the fixed store was established, the townsfolk often used to have to survive without essentials. It is said that the speciality bread in this town, made from a special ground rock from the coast, was invented during one of these times of drought. The health risks of eating this bread are not known, but it does not stop the tourists from sampling it in amazement. The locals claim it gives extra powers of inventiveness, despite not eating it themselves.


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