You are here: Main >> Places >> Cesator >> Oreford Angwar Oreford is a small village, located in on the border of Cesator and Escion. It is most noted for being one of the few places that good orcs can be found. Several years ago, a few orcs decided to move out of Sibennia as they did not agree with the policies being made there. They sought refuge in Cesator and the community was established, though on the edge of the land. Oreford is still viewed as suspicious by some people, though most have now accepted the good orcs.


As in the rest of Cesator, Oreford is reasonably temperate. There are a few fields surrounding the town, with a large mining cavern in the centre.


Oreford is a mining town, where most of the workers are good orcs. They trade precious stones throughout the whole of Lymnia.

Notable sights

The caves of Oreford are watched by a strict guard




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