You are here: Main >> Places >> Escion >> Redmill Redmill Redmill is a small fishing town on the west coast of Escion. It is based on the top of a huge cliff and a unique pulley system has been designed to enable the fishermen to lower their boats into the water.


Redmill has a temperate climate, as it is near the middle of Escion.


Fishing is the main trade of Redmill. The fish is then traded with the rest of the continent in exchange for other supplies.

Notable sights

The pulley system used for fishing is unique to Redmill and its sister villages, all located along the west coast of Escion. Redmill is the largest of this group of fishing towns, the rest being smaller villages. There are manned pulley stations at the top of the cliffs, at the outskirts of the town, which enable the laden fishing boats to be lowered and raised from the water. It takes 5 strong men to raise the fishing boats from the water when they are full and it is a feat that sometimes attracts people to the town.


There are around 1000 people living and working in Redmill, mostly consisting of fishermen and their families.


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