Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy

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The Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy

Loacted in Fairwyn, the Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy (often simply referred to as The Academy) is the largest and most popular combat school on Lymnia. Unlike most schools, The Academy takes students following any chosen path of combat. This is the key factor that has lead to its immense popularity.


The Academy is located right in the centre of Fairwyn, actually sitting on Fairwyn lake. The substantial island in the middle of the lake was used as the site for the original Royal Fairwyn Academy but was moved when a great fire, caused by a warlock’s spell gone wrong, broke out. When it adopted the new combat-focused curriculum, however, the school moved back to the island and became the Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy. Being on an island means that the students are fairly isolated, though trips into Fairwyn are encouraged to give the students more of a balance.


Although a large school, The Academy is very select about who it will accept. Students are normally taken from when they are teenagers, though in a few notable cases of excessive aptitude, have been taken from as young as 9. The youngest student ever was legendary Lefa Swordcutter. All students must board at the school, with no exceptions. Consequently, boys and girls live in different parts of The Adacemy but are brought together for their lessons. To be accepted into the school, all students must show extreme aptitude in the rigorous entrance exams and have access to enough money to pay the considerable fees.


Recently there have been accusations of exclusion of pupils from families that The Academy does not consider to be to a high enough standard. This has been denied by The Academy. It is generally accepted that members of the royal family will attend the school and the youngest princess of the family, Princess Faelia Aurera is currently studying there.

Notable Alumni

Elvador Foxe
Lefa Swordcutter
Merrill Larson
Princ Alunn Aurera, heir to the throne of Fairwyn
Terrence “Ice Axe” Graye

Royal Fairwyn Combat Academy

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