You are here: Main >> Places >> Noroveus >> Strongcliff Strongcliff Strongcliff is a town on the north coast of Noroveus and is inhabited by the peaceful mardles. The town is based on a large volcano, which the mardles have made their home. All water is heated by the huge geothermic currents that can be felt underfoot even at the base of the volcano. Consequently, most species have to wear shoes all the time, for fear of burning their feet.


Although the air is cold, underfoot is very hot so the temperatures are an interesting mixture, unpleasant to most species.


Mardles mostly export Huridium, a strong precious stone that they also use as their currency.

Notable sights

There is no inn in town, as the mardles expect very few visitors. However, they are quite welcoming and will happily house anyone silly enough to wander into their territory. Most trade is conducted on the ships, as traders prefer not to disembark onto the scorching ground.


Around 5000 mardles live and work in Strongcliff.


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