You are here: Main >> Places >> Arcyrius >> Clearbeach Clearbeach Clearbeach is the largest summer tourist destination on Lymnia. It is found at the very tip of Arcyrius and is visited every year by thousands of Lymnians from different parts of the continent.


Clearbeach is visited all year round due to its warm climate. In the summer, temperatures usually reach an average of 30 Celsius in the hottest part of the day and do not usually drop below 20 during the day. In the winter, snow is extremely rare and the temperatures are usually still high enough to attract a number of tourists who enjoy warm holiday destinations.


The residents of Clearbeach work hard all year round to attract tourists to their city and almost all of the trade is generated by the tourists. Residents run hotels, restaurants and entertainment for the guests.

Notable sights

Clearbeach is noted for having beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed all year round. In the summer, these beaches are often packed with tourists, each trying to soak up their own piece of sun. Diving off the coast of Clearbeach is also very popular, as the spectacular coral reefs are teeming with life.


The resident population of Clearbeach is about 250,000 people. In the winter, this figure is doubled to 500,000 due to the tourists. However, in the summer, there are around 2 tourists to every 1 resident, bringing the total population to 750,000.


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